Top 12 FR Streaming Sites to Watch Movies & Series

Currently, Internet users are becoming more and more addicted to streaming. There are many advantages of this revolutionary new practice to mention that it helps a lot to save the storage space of the reading medium used such as the PC or the Smartphone. But to enjoy movies , series and mangas in streaming, you have to know the best sites 🎯 which offer them for free and without constraints . Are you looking for a streaming site to watch movies and series ? Do not panic, there are many legal solutions, such as Amazon Prime Video (and its 1 month offered via this link ), NetFlix (Casa del Papel), OCS (and its Game of Throne) or even Canal Replay. Note that there are also alternative solutions 🤠, and sometimes illegal, the advantages and risks of which we present.

We give you the Top 12 most popular streaming sites to watch movies and series from your computer or mobile.

Legal solutions (and for the most part paid) for streaming movies and series :

1. Amazon Prime Video ❤️
The latest addition to the streaming video market, but a strong competitor. In particular due to the fact that it benefits from its tens of millions of Prime subscribers, who partly finance exclusive series, but also the acquisition of a very complete catalog of films and series. The platform would have more than 2,000 films available, including many French films, and no less than 300 series, including 93 which have an average higher than 8.5 on IMBD. Note that there are many series to watch exclusively , including American Gods, Hanna and Tom Clancy, which have received numerous awards. The films are in VOST, with the possibility of viewing them in VF.

The big plus 🔥 is the first free month via this link , which already allows you to watch some movies and series, without advancing any money. My favorite ❤️

2. Netflix
Netflix is ​​one of the best known legal solutions . It was originally a DVD rental service (by La Poste!), Which saw the wind turn, and which was the first to offer a catalog of films and series, against a monthly subscription. Mayonnaise has quickly taken off, to the point that Netflix has more than 40 million subscribers worldwide, and regularly launches in new countries.
Its strength is its large catalog of films and series, including the famous “Casa del Papel”. Unfortunately, Netflix regularly raises the price of its subscription and does not offer more trial periods.

3. OCS (its catalog is free for the first 7 days)
Note that the OCS streaming platform, which includes: Games of Throne, The Walking Dead .. and hundreds of films, documentaries and series is now available via Amazon Prime Video, and its first 7 days are free. It gives you time to watch some movies and series.

4. Other legal streaming platforms
In addition, there are other legal and paying platforms, of the type: MyCanal (in mode you pay a subscription against the viewing of films in the catalog), and the second economic model: Google Play Films , MyTF1VOD , RakutenTV , Itunes Store (where you pay per unit to watch a movie).

5. Streaming Area
The followers 👓 have surely already heard of Fullmoviz, it is indeed the old name of Zone Streaming. It has already proven itself in the world of streaming before even becoming a Zone Streaming. This site remains today the most famous streaming site which continues to present various films in French version without limit.
In terms of resolution, the videos offered by this site are all in HD . Access to views is also easy, because you just have to click on the links shared on the site. In addition to this ease of handling and this concern to want to really do a service for users who love streaming, the site also strives to make all the innovations easily accessible . Therefore, you can consult a whole catalog of films and series from the most classic to the most recent.

Being also one of the best French streaming sites , offers all serivores and moviegoers the latest in high quality HD. You can then relax quietly in front of your TV or tablet while watching the full episodes of your favorite series.
Free streaming is also unlimited 🔋 from a robust server and requires no registration on the site. Which also remains very practical. But the specificity of this platform lies essentially in the fact that the advertisements do not interrupt your views. Therefore , you can fully enjoy your films, series, manga in French version or in VOSTDFR. The original subtitled versions are also selected on this streaming site for the enjoyment of fans who have a preference for these versions.

The third in the ranking of the best streaming sites is This site guarantees content that is always up to date (without having to download them ). It offers you to watch directly in VF or VOSTFR your movies, mangas, series without inciting you to register. In addition, you can view them either in HD quality, Blu-Ray or other resolutions. also offers you a long list 🛒 of films and series including classics and new releases . If you feel like it, please note that you can also subscribe to the site in order to receive all the news in the world of cinema , music & TV. But this remains exclusively optional.

8. Paystreaming
Indeed, this free streaming site remains one of the first sites to offer free viewing of films and videos on the web. Despite its age, it still seems to be staying the course and appearing in the ranking of the best free streaming sites on the Internet .
If you are looking for 🤶 films or series that have a VF and an VOST at the same time, you are sure to find them on the Paystreaming site. Films of all kinds, both classic and trendy, are also widely offered on the site. However, before you can watch a movie or episode, you must install the Cacaoweb program (beware, there are probably malware inside). Otherwise, be aware that this site does not present any advertising given its total funding via the various referral links.

Hdstreamvf remains one of the rare streaming sites to offer a very light and really refined interface. As a result, searches in the catalog as well as views on the portal are very fluid and much faster compared to the competition. Without forgetting the fact that they remain unlimited and without registration or subscription constraints.
Ranked among the best French streaming sites , keeps a wide range of films and series up to date. You can watch them live in VF or in VOSTFR. Otherwise, it should also be noted that the image quality favored by the site orbit only around HD and 720p.

On this completely free streaming site 🤑 , you can find all the episodes of the series and all the movies of your choice in VF and VOSFR with a resolution in full HD. Viewing is unlimited. No matter how long you spend on this site, you will not pay anything. You also do not require a commitment or registration. You will not need to use a VPN there .
Otherwise, is an up- to-date streaming site that will show you all the latest movies and series. You can even find films and series that have not yet been broadcast on other competing sites or even shown in theaters. We can say that this site is one of the most connected streaming sites of the moment.

11. Sakostream
Although it is among the most recent sites that have landed on the web, Sokostream has already gained notoriety in the world of French streaming sites . Indeed, it has clearly differentiated with the resolution of the viewing quality that it offers to all Internet users: which ranges from CAM to HD. High quality.
In addition, this streaming site offers users the opportunity to share their own movies and series. A free space is dedicated exclusively for this purpose to allow users to participate in a much more active way in the life of their favorite site. As a result, apart from the vast catalog 📁 of films, series, classic manga and opus distributed on the site, you will also be able to see videos brought by the thousands of users systematically present on the site.

This site allows visitors to view films. On the other hand, he asks to register upstream. Once registered, no untimely advertising will spoil your viewing and the performance of enstream server will assure you high definition images : HD on your tablet, smartphone, PC… When you have watched streaming movies on this platform essentially lies in the fact that advertisements do not interrupt your viewing. With streaming, you can go directly to the next movie and ultimately not have to use any medium to play your content

Ranking of “illegal” streaming sites in audience
Streaming sites with the largest monthly audience in France. The more a site has an audience, the more it means that its catalog of films and series is interesting. Rank is based on monthly visitor.

9. (offline now)
13. (offline now)

My Final Choice
And remember that you must have the rights 🔐 to view the works, that is to say have a physical copy, otherwise beware of Hadopi and his pursuits 👮. Finally, you can go for free 🧡 on Amazon Prime Video to watch all the movies and series, via its offer for the first month offered via this link. This is my final choice, especially since you can easily unsubscribe before the end of the free period.

Precautions on so-called “free” streaming sites
🚨 Last point: never install any software from these “free” streaming sites, because they are infested with malware (malware, aka virus) which will install advertising on your computer, slow it down , or even try to recover info on your PC (example: CB code ). In short, stay in browser connection , and do not accept any installation request or plugin for your browser.

Never give out your personal email address. Instead, use an email address created for the occasion, as you may receive a lot of spam.

Explanation : And yes, because as pirating the intellectual rights of a work is illegal, you can imagine that the owners of streaming sites are also unscrupulous against you. Thus, all the information that you leave them (addresses, email, CB, Spyware , Fishing) can backfire on you. And do not hesitate to share your recommendations site in the comments below, I will add to this list and ranking.

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